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Gwyn Jones – Judge for Tulbagh

Fronarth What-Ho - 18 times Royal Welsh Harness Champion

We are indeed fortunate that Gwyn Jones of the Fronarth Stud has agreed to be our Breed judge for the In-Hand classes at the Gold Medal Show to be held in Tulbagh from Wednesday, 28 September to Saturday, 1 October, 2016. He will also be the judge for the Foundation Stock and will be one of the Harness judges.
We look forward to a large turn-out of ponies in the In-Hand as well as the Harness classes. Our Harness classes are legend in the UK – we must not let Gwyn down.
Members are reminded to apply for their new Passports in good time to ensure that they are able to return home after the show.

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2 Comments on Gwyn Jones – Judge for Tulbagh

  1. Hi everybody that knows me, hope everybody is well? Just wanted to say that you have made a very good choice by asking Gwyn Jones to judge for you at the Tulbagh Show I know him met him when I visited his stud in 1998. Want to wish you all well.
    Isabel Meyer(OTTO)

  2. Hi everybody had a great time at Tulbagh hope to do it again at another show of the new socierty

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